Hot Tip #1: Access Elements by Javascript Array Indexing

Application of a selector creates a Javascript array which can be used for accessing DOM elements with array index easily.

For Example:

var element = $("img")[2];

will set the variable element to the second <img> element in the matched set of document's all <img> elements.

Hot Tip #2: Create Union of Elements with Multiple Selectors

Union of multiple selectors can be created by listing selectors separated by commas 'n a s'ngle call to $()

For Example:


will match all <img> and <p> elements, while the following matches all <div> elements with a title attribute and all <img> elements with alt attributes.


Hot Tip #3: Be Careful with not() and remove() methods!

.not() method removes elements from the matched set while the .remove() method removes the elements in the matched set from the HTML DOM.

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September 24. 2009 11:52

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technosiastic.wordpress.com | Reply

September 24. 2009 12:26

Nice ones mate. I have also linked to yours from my blog post below where I am trying to collect the most useful and common jQuery code snippets for JavaScript over the web. Here is the title and the link to the jQuery link compilation endeavor:

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Shahriar Hyder | Reply

September 24. 2009 13:01

Thanks Shahriar, I've also cheked your post. Great compliation.

Blogging Developer | Reply

October 22. 2009 18:40

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uberVU - social comments | Reply

November 5. 2009 17:28

I don't usually reply on articles I read but I have to say this was just great. Keep up the good work.

PaydayLoans | Reply

November 6. 2009 09:39

Great beginner tips, but I thought it was worth noting that $("img")[2] actually returns the 3rd img element in the document, since it's a zero based index.

Wes | Reply

December 7. 2009 14:51

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lrodrigues.com | Reply

December 12. 2009 13:35

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jquery.wisdomplug.com | Reply

December 24. 2009 12:52

Good tips!

SMiGL | Reply

January 18. 2010 16:19

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March 15. 2010 14:57

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