Management of control focus is one of the common tasks when building web applications with effective and friendly user interface. In order to set focus on a certain control such as textboxes, buttons dropdowns after postback / after submit / on Page Load in ASP.NET 1.x, we can use a dynamic javascript block that facilitates Javascript’s focus() function.

private void SetFocus(String controlID)
  // Build the JavaScript String
  System.Text.StringBuilder sb = new System.Text.StringBuilder();
  sb.Append("<script language='javascript'>");
  // Register the script code with the page.
  Page.RegisterStartupScript("FocusScript", sb.ToString());

For the above code, you need to pass the control’s id as the parameter, then define the Javascript function in a string variable then call the Page class to register the script.

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October 22. 2009 17:34

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