Browsers load images after an HTTP request is sent for them either by <img> tag or through a javascript call. If you have a javascript function that changes an image on mouseover, you have to wait while the image is retrieved from the server. This would be disturbing when users have a slow internet connection or when the images being retrieved are very large. Although most of the browsers store images in the local cache so that subsequent calls to them are responded immediately, there is still a delay in the first time the images are needed. 

Image preloading is a technique of caching images to speed up their display by using browser’s cache even before they are needed.

Recently, we focused on image preloading deeply with the following posts:

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October 7. 2009 13:03

Image Preloading Deeply - CSS/Javascript/jQuery

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October 7. 2009 13:04

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October 27. 2009 14:25

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November 5. 2009 05:49

I really agree with you when a javascript function is called it takes a little bit longer time to retrieve the image from the server and the user with slow internet thinks there is something wrong with the website

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November 18. 2009 17:38

Thanks for great tips and guidelines on CSS.

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December 26. 2009 19:26

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