jQuery is one of the most popular Javascript library. It’s easy to use, flexible, and most of all there’s a lot of jQuery tutorials and plugins available out which ease the the creation of dynamic effects and web controls. jQuery has become one of the most used JavaScript libraries today and can be found in the core of popular products like Wordpress, joomla and Drupal.

Recently, we reviewed couple of jQuery calendar, datePicker/dateSelector and timestamp formatting plugins. It is time to compile these widely used jQuery date/time plugins in a post. So this post is a collection of amazing jQuery Calendar, DatePicker and timestamp formatting plugins.

1. FullCalendar - jQuery Event Calendar with Drag'n Drop, Ajax Fetching and Google Calendar Integration

FullCalendar is a jQuery calendar plugin that provides full-sized, drag and drop capable calendar. It utilizes Ajax to fetch events on the fly. It is easily configurable to use custom feed format and also has an extension for Google Calendar. The calendar is highly customizable and has support for user event triggering for window resize, loading, day click, event click, event drop, etc.

FullCalendar - jQuery Calendar Plugin
FullCalendar - jQuery Calendar Plugin with Drag'n Drop and Ajax Capabilities



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